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The “Non-Annoying Follow Up” Email That Builds Rapport

Scenario: Following up after a conversation and continuing the dialogue
Contributor: Amanda Holmes, CEO Chet Holmes International

Amanda, her team of consultants, and her clients use this template every time they write a follow-up letter. Amanda suggests you send a follow up within an hour of your meeting.

Nice to meet you


That was a great story you told about your daughter. In our next meeting, I have a similar story to tell you.

You certainly seem to have a great grasp on how to make your company succeed. They are lucky to have you.

With the economic challenges you face, however, our training is going to give you that extra push you need to take your staff skills to the next level. Imagine if you could shift the market’s buying criteria completely in your favor. This approach improves everything you’re already doing.

Once again, it was great meeting you. I have a few ideas about other productivity issues that I know you will like.



What this email does well:
Builds rapport by including something personal they discussed with you
Provides a compliment
Touches on a pain point that impact them
Closes with a personal message






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