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The “Permission to Close Your File” Email That Gets a 76% Response Rate

Scenario: When prospects completely stop responding to your emails
Contributor: Bryan Kreuzberger, Founder of Breakthrough Email

Only use this email if you follow up with someone two or three times and don’t hear back. If used incorrectly, it may come off as threatening. The goal here is to re-connect with people who have completely halted communication with you. You shouldn’t use this email if you’re trying to start a relationship.

Permission to close your file?


I’m writing to follow up on my email and voicemail. We are in the process of closing files for the month. Typically when I haven’t heard back from someone it means they are either really busy or aren’t interested. If you aren’t interested, do I have your permission to close your file?

If you are still interested, what do you recommend as a next step?

Thanks for your help.


What this email does well:
The subject line plays on the idea that no one knows what “close your file” means, so it builds the desire the open the email
Provides the prospect with an easy way out so they don’t feel bad for not responding
Asks the prospect to set the next steps so they make a small commitment
Thanks the prospect for helping – people like helping other people






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