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The “I Feel Like a Stalker” Email That Got a 70% Response Rate and Booked 30+ Silicon Valley Executives

Scenario: Your prospect hasn’t responded after multiple follow up emails
Contributor: Lloyed Lobo, Co-Founder of Traction Conf and Head of Growth at

Lloyed had emailed and followed up with 250+ Silicon Valley executives to book them to speak at his conference. He had five days to contact everyone and fill up the speaker line-up. After the initial invitation and multiple follow ups, he had one more trick up his sleeve and was able to book Silicon Valley executives such as:

  • CEO of Zenefits, Parker Conrad
  • CMO of Slack, Bill Macaitis
  • Co-founder of EventBrite, Julia Hertz
  • COO of Evernote, Linda Kozlowski

I’m starting to feel like a stalker…

Hey [NAME],

How’s it going?

I feel horrible troubling you and I’m starting to feel like a stalker. Much appreciated if you can let me know if you’d [CALL TO ACTION]. If not, I won’t send you another email.

Here’s the most recent updated list of [PEOPLE / COMPANIES] I’ve worked with: [LIST OF COMPANIES / PEOPLE].



What this email does well:
Takes a slightly humorous approach by pointing out how much he has emailed them
Lets them easily say “no”
Provides social proof of other people he has booked






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