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The “Next Step” Email That Creates Urgency

Scenario: When you don’t know the next step
Contributor: Bryan Kreuzberger, Founder of Breakthrough Email

You might’ve gotten a response to your email, or got on a call, but didn’t set up the next steps to keep the conversation going. These two emails can help you get back on track.


Hi [Name],

I’m writing to follow up on our last conversation. My boss asked me for an update on your account. I told him I didn’t have one.

I’m not sure what makes sense to continue the conversation. What makes sense as a next step, if any?


What this email does well:
Creates urgency
Makes a clear request for the next steps
People can relate to having a boss and needing to provide answers to their questions
Avoids selling the person and instead gently pushes the person for input and to set up the next step






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