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The “I Just Called You” Email That Gets an 80% Response Rate within 24 Hours

Scenario: After leaving a voicemail
Contributor: Colleen Francis, Owner of Engage Selling Solutions

You tried calling, but your prospect didn’t pick up. To improve your chances of hearing back, send the follow-up email below immediately after leaving a voicemail, and specify a specific date and time for the next call.

This works because clients aren’t always at their desks to take calls. The email is short and directive, making it easy to read and respond to. Prospects can answer with a short response from their phone. The email has an 80% response rate within 24 hours.

Sorry I missed you

Hi (Name),

Sorry I missed you on the phone today, I was calling because…. (leave a one sentence reason for your call, or the name of the referral / event that introduced you)

In my voice mail, I mentioned that I will call you back on [DATE] at [TIME] and of course you can always reach me before then at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

I look forward to connecting.



What this email does well:
Shows the prospect that you follow through
Gives the prospect the option to get back to you via email instead of calling back
Let’s the prospect know when you’ll follow up again






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