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The “Curious Why You Didn’t Buy” Email That Increased Conversion Rates by 1,100%

Scenario: When you give a demo but the prospect doesn’t purchase
Contributor: Amanda Holmes, CEO Chet Holmes International

This template was created when Amanda didn’t see the sales she expected after one of her webinars and was trying to figure out why. So she decided to ask.

This email converted more sales than all of her other webinar follow-ups combined and increased her conversion rate by 1,100%.

Email Title


I noticed that during the “double sales training” you didn’t purchase the “Institute” product at the end. And we’d love to know why.

I have no intention of trying to sell you anything, but we do want to make sure that we’re hitting the mark with our customers.

Any feedback you can give us would help.

Were you not clear on what you were getting? Is there somewhere else in your business that you need to focus? Was it too expensive? Or is your business smooth sailing?

If you respond we’ll send you a pdf on Dialing for Dollars – Chet’s checklist for influence over the phone to thank you for your time spent. Please respond to this email with your reason why you didn’t purchase and we’ll send that over.



What this email does well:
Explains why they’re getting the email
Reassures them you have no intention of selling them
Asks for them to share feedback, people love to share their thoughts
Prompts them with questions
Gives them something in exchange for their time






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