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The “Check Out This Useful Article” Email That Continues the Conversation

Scenario: You’ve already spoken with the prospect and want to provide value to keep the conversation going
Contributor: Jill Konrath, Sales Strategist and Author of bestselling books Agile SellingSNAP Selling & Selling to Big Companies

The first time Jill used this strategy, she was not trying to get a response. She simply read an interesting article that was relevant to her prospect and she felt compelled to forward the article to him. He responded within the hour with a message asking for a meeting.


I don’t know if you saw this article that appeared today in [NEWS OUTLET]. It’s related to the issue we were talking about.


I hope you find it interesting.


What this email does well:
Explains context in the first two sentences
Provides a link to a helpful article
Closes with a simple “Hope you find it interesting,” and nothing more






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