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Can I use my domain name(s) for sending emails?

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We provide your own domain names option for the “Super” and “Superior” package. The cost of the domain names comes along with the package cost.

But if you are using a lower-priced package and wish to use your domain names for sending the marketing emails, we will set it up for you. 

DNS Changes

You need to change the name servers of your domain names to one that we would provide. So, it is always better not to use a domain name that you already use for business.
You could register and give us new domains or give us any existing old unused domains.

For example, if your current and business domain name is, then please do not send marketing emails using that domain. Book new domains called,,, etc and use them for sending your email marketing campaigns.

We will take care of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) for your domains on our email sending servers. We will also take care of the rotation policy of using your domains for sending the emails.

Private Use only

Please note, that all the domains you had provided would be used for sending the email campaigns for your account only. It will not be used by other systems.

You can provide us with not more than 5 domains for the “Starter” package. It is better to provide at least 2 domain names, for this package.

And you can provide us with not more than 10 domains for the “Smarter” package. It is better to provide at least 4 domain names, for this package.

We will set up the domains in our email servers after you change the name server details that we would provide you. 

To use your own domain names, you must buy the packages for at least 3 months. If you need to use your domains for sending the emails, you need to purchase the package for 3 months initially, and then go on renew it for a monthly package, after the first 3 months.

Sending mass emails from new domains and new IPs

Brand new domains and IPs don’t have any reputations yet, so Inbox Service Providers (ISPs) don’t know what to expect from them. An email blast right out the gate for any new domain or IP is a one-way ticket to the spam folder, so be mindful of where you are sending from in the first place. You have to warm up your domains before sending that much email at once, and you’re bound to have better results.

So, start with sending emails for 500 to 1000 contacts initially. Then you could gradually increase the numbers every day, to reach your desired limits.

Domain Name Reputation

Your domain reputation is like a credit score for your sending email domain. Email service providers calculate your domain reputation on a scale of 0 to 100. The closer to 100 your domain score is, the more receiving email servers will trust your emails.

So, make sure that the domain names are not used elsewhere for sending bulk emails. Also, you should not use Privacy Protect for your domain names, that you use for sending marketing emails.

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